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Corporate Education

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If you've ever wondered about how to navigate a loved one's cancer treatment, a will or trust, or even whether or not mom should stop driving, a corporate elder law class may be right for you and your employees.

About a quarter of 40 million Americans providing unpaid care to adults are millennials to young baby boomers.

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By 2030—when millennials start to reach peak caregiving age—the number of Americans over age 85 is expected to hit 8.5 million and 1 in 5 people in the U.S. will be over 65. This fact alone can be costly for businesses. MetLife has estimated the cost of lost productivity from family caregiving at $17 billion to $34 billion.

Paths Elder Law offers educational resources and planning for how to avoid emergencies, estate planning, and how to be otherwise proactive on lessening the impact on families and their employers.


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About Paths Elder Law - serving the Kansas City area

Our legal experts have more than 25 years focusing solely on issues common to seniors and their families. This commonly includes planning for the inevitable with Wills and Trusts or planning for the unforeseen with Powers of Attorney, Guardianships, and Medicaid or VA benefits.

Our caring staff listens to your situation and concerns, then calmly and expeditiously explain your options with a timeline for completion.  Our goal is to provide each client with security in legally planning for the inevitable and unforeseen regarding their passing and long-term care needs.

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Rusty has been a personal friend for many years but when he started handling our legal matters, we realized just what a God-send he is. He is knowledgeable, but always takes the time to find out about us before getting into business talk. By doing that, he is able to meet the needs we may not even know we have. In addition to his legal help, he has built a very capable team that has expertise in Elder Care as a whole. Highly recommend.

— Debbie W.

I cannot tell you how blessed I was to have found Paths Elder Law. Your empathy and genuine caring is truly appreciated. Working with you was a pleasure.

— Terry H.

Rusty was great to explain and work with us. We appreciated his honesty and he's a Christian! Rusty has gone "above and beyond" to help us on a problem. May I tell you how grateful we are to him for his advice and concern - a blessing!

— Lvonne G.

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